Tabi Footwear

Eik Braun-Ottosenによって設立されたシューズブランド、Tabi Footwear。


Scandinavian simplicity meets Japanese functionality with the new brand Tabi Footwear. Tabi is more than just a shoe brand - it is a lifestyle based on ancient Japanese traditions and years of personal experience. A flexible, well-designed shoe that is really comfortable to wear.

Tabi Sandals / Mules

-Tencel Fly knit Upper (Made from tree fibers)
-Back pull tabs
-Tonal rubber overlays
-Signature split toes that help support balance and stability
-Branded foam footbeds
-Gripped EVA out soles crafted with sugar cane

Tabi Sandals

Color Option : Blue , Black

Tabi Mules

Color Option : White


They are committed to ethical low impact production and high impact initiatives, balancing quality and longevity of product with responsibly sourcing materials. Their engineered knit in one piece uppers are made of Tencel fibers. Saving 30% of waste material over traditional sneaker upper, since all the parts are woven and developed by machine to fit 100%. So close to zero % waste during our production line.

Tabi Sandals / Tabi Mulesはそれぞれ、Stussy 23SSのルックにも使用されています。

Tabi Sandals
Col : Blue
Tabi sandals
Col : Black
Tabi Mules
Col : White

Tabi Biomechanics

The big toe plays an important role in foot biomechanics. During walking, it poses twice the total pressure of the other four toes. It has a significant contribution in the mechanism needed for push off. By freeing the big toe, the Tabi Technology takes the body’s own natural biomechanics and amplifies them without trying to correct or change the way you walk or run. It works with what nature gave you.